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Enhance Your Workplace Experience with a Convenience Station

Seamless, cashless, and convenient.

Use our app to pay for office snacks!

What Does A Convenience Station Include?

Snack Rack

Snack Rack

  • Pre-planned menu
  • Top Brands and Healthy Options
Beverage Cooler

Beverage Cooler

  • Pre-planned menu
  • Choose from a Variety of Pepsi products – traditional, healthy and new age beverages.
Payment App

Payment App

  • Easy to use app allows employees to pay for snacks and beverages with their smartphone.
  • Allows employer to subsidize employee purchases
Our Easy-To-Use Payment App is Convenient and Cashless
Download the Social Feedia App
Set up Your Account
Fund Your Account (Credit Card)
With Bluetooth enabled, the app will automatically connect to the station when opened
Select & Scan Your Items, Proceed to Check Out
Our App